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Banjo Drums & Percussion Woodwind Voice Cafe Cafe Cafe Cafe Mandolin Cafe Trumpet Cafe Theory of Music Cafe Improvisation Cafe Harmonica Cafe

The accordion, or “box” is one of Scotland's most popular instruments.  Learn the tune and accompany yourself with chords on the left hand at the same time!  We have 3 accordion tutors at the reel who can help you make the leap from being a ‘box baby’ to a ‘Jimmy Shand’ style band leader.  

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From kick drum to snare, high hat to crashes we’ll help you learn all the best techniques in drum kit. All good drummers do at least a little percussion and we’ll help you get the best tone from a djembe to a shaky egg or tambourine.  

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Whatever you’re preferred wind instrument we should have a tutor to suit you.  From bassoon to clarinet, flute to recorder, treble recorder to saxophone; we offer lessons in them all.  One of our 3 wind instructors will be able to help.  

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Singing is something we can all do and our tutors can help you make the most out of your voice and teach you the techniques you need to know to be able to sing in tune.  We can teach most song styles and are happy to try new ones.

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This cute little 8 string instrument has the same fingering and string tuning as the fiddle and plays like a guitar.  A great instrument for a fiddler who wants to try and learn a new instrument. We can help you make the transition from bowing to picking and double stopping to chording.  Come on fiddlers - Give it a try!  

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Whether you want to learn American claw hammer 5 string banjo or Irish style tenor (4 string) banjo we can help.  The banjo is a fantastically cool instrument - let us help you sound good and look even cooler when you can play it!

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We can offer trumpet lessons for any age and any ability. If you’re an existing player and simply would like some technique tips or encouragement we can help.  Or, if you’ve never played before let us help you get started.

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If your struggling to get your head round the ins and outs of the music language then theory lessons could be for you.  The theory of music is simply the notes and descriptions that all musicians learn to read and understand in order to be able to play better.  If you’re an established musician studying for above Grade 5 you’ll need your Grade 5 theory certificate or standard grade music to go higher through the exams or if you have never been able to read music in your life - we can help!  

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Maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a ‘jazzer’ or perhaps you would like to learn the blues?  Understanding the rules of improvisation is a must.  We can help you with the chordal structure and scales and keys involved with improvisation so you can improvise to your hearts content.  Improvisation normally requires a certain level of confidence in your instrument and so isn’t recommended for a beginner.

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You might be forgiven for thinking that the harmonica is a ‘toy like’ instrument but in fact this musical beast has a fantastic range of sounds and can play most styles of music.  To get the most of out your “moothie” - give us a try!

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Piano/Keyboard Accordion Cafe

Piano/Keyboard is a fundamental requirement for anyone thinking about making music a serious career.  As well as been one of the most popular instruments to learn it’s also a great instrument for helping to understand the theory of music.  We have 4 piano tutors at the reel  who can help you get started with the basics or take you right up to a university entrance level.  They’ll show you how to play everything from pop to jazz to traditional Scottish accompaniment.  

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Whether you want to be a classical guitar guru, punk rocker, heavy metal head banger or dance band swinger; our tutors can help you. We have 6 guitar tutors each specialising in different styles.  From electric guitar right through to classical or blues. Let us match you up with the best tutor for you and you’ll be ‘pickin’ and ‘swingin’ in no time!

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Guitar/Bass Cafe

At WSM we think of violin and fiddle as been the same beginner instrument.  Once you’ve mastered the basics you can choose your preferred style of music.  Our tutors can teach traditional fiddle styles from all round the world and classical violin for the very best technique. There are 5 violin/fiddle tutors operating from the reel so we’re sure we’ll find one for you!

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Cafe Fiddle/Violin Improvisation Fiddle/Violin Piano/Keyboard Guitar Banjo Voice Bass Guitar Mandolin Harmonica

Click below to see more details on the most common instruments we teach.

If your instrument is not listened we will try our best to find you a tutor!

If you’re not sure which to try, perhaps you have a small child who is interested but you’re not sure if he/she is ready; why not try booking an aptitude test? An aptitude test always the student to try many instruments to see which ones they may have a natural tendency towards.  After the test we can advise you on which instrument  you might be best suited to.  Go to the enrolment form and select aptitude test.