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Use this box to choose the instrument(s) your are interested in learning.  If your preferred instrument is not listed use the ‘Other Instrument (not listed)’ box and we’ll do our best to find you a tutor.  

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Use this section to tell us about the sorts of music you like.  This will help us match you to the best tutor for you.  Leave blank if you don’t know.  

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Let us know your rough ability.  Don’t worry, we won’t hold you to it!  This is especially important if you want to share a lesson.  If you’re not sure what your standard is use the box ‘Other (Ability not listed)’ to tell us about other information about your level.  Leave blank if you don’t know.  

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Choose ANY from the drop down list if you don’t mind which tutor you are assigned.  Choosing ANY is the most prefered option for getting you fit in as soon as possible.  If you have a preference for a particular tutor then choose them from the drop down list.  If the tutor you would like is not listed put there name in the ‘other’ box below.

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From private one on one lessons & small groups or classes we have a wide range of alternatives in order to accommodate any age or ability and to suit any pocket.  


E One-on-One £12 - £13 pppw (½ hour) £20 - £25 (1 hr)

D  One-on-One Apprentice Tutor £10 pppw (½ hour)

C Two Sharing Tutor £8 pppw (½ hour)

B  Small Group £6 pppw (3-5 students}(¾ hour)

A  Classes between £35 and £42 per 7 week term.

View more information on pricing here

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Use this box for other information you feel it may be important for us to know.  Maybe you find stairs difficult or have some special needs requirements.  You may want to let us know what times/days are particularly suitable/unsuitable for you.

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We also run a range of classes at various levels phone 01856 871000 for more information.

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